Main River Fishing Tour and Sightseeing, Western Newfoundland


3 days, 2 nights


Maximum of six people per trip.


$1800 per person

Based on six people per trip: includes meals, helicopter transportation, and fishing guides.

Event Description

This is one for your bucket list. Up to six anglers and two experienced guides hunkering down for three days on Newfoundland’s Main River to fish Atlantic salmon and speckled trout.  

The Main River is born in the Long Range Mountains of the Great Northern Peninsula and flows east 57km, spilling in to the Atlantic Ocean at White Bay. In 2001 it was designated a Canadian Heritage River for its natural, cultural and recreational importance in the region. Flowing entirely through unspoiled wilderness, the Main is largely inaccessible without a helicopter. The lack of angling pressure on the Atlantic salmon and speckled trout assures anglers of an especially exciting contest with the fish that takes his or her fly. Furthermore, you won’t be competing with other fishers along the river for choice of casting spots.

Main River is unique in other ways. Set apart from traditional logging areas, you can lean against a yellow birch that is two hundred years old. The Main River area is an ecotone—a region where two distinct eco-regions meet. Therefore, much of the flora and fauna are at the boundaries of their natural habitat, offering a rare opportunity to observe the overlap of those northern and southern species.

You may even witness the river’s wildlife— the moose, the largest of the N. American deer family; perhaps the wily pine martin, unique to Newfoundland; the beaver, fox and rabbit; birds of prey and numerous songbirds—all thriving far from intrusive human and industrial activity and water and air pollution.

Each of your three days on ‘The Main’, the twisting steadies, bubbling runs, and white water of the river--and the flash of a ‘chromer’ taking your fly—will have your greatest attention. And with the end of each day, you will settle into a hearty meal your guides prepared, exchange stories of each casting success and loss with your fellow anglers, and nod off to the embers’ hiss and pop as your guide sees to the campfire. Then up again to the smells of coffee and bacon, to avail of the salmon and trout while they are still hungry.


Trip Highlights

  • Fishing the Main River, one of the finest salmon rivers in the world.

  • Times chosen are during prime fishing periods.

  • The solitude of a wilderness river accessible only by helicopter.

  • The peacefulness of deep wilderness amplified by every cast of your fly.

  • Two nights of wilderness camping, sharing your wilderness experience with fellow anglers.

  • Region has unusual mix of flora and fauna due to overlap of northern/southern ecotones.

  • The thrill of low altitude aerial views of Humber River Valley and foothills environment of Long Range Mountains.



All events/tours start at Marble Inn Resort in Steady Brook. Explore NL is affiliated with Marble Inn Resort. However, our participants are free to make pre-tour/post-tour accommodation and travel arrangement as they choose. If you need assistance with ground transportation or accommodations, we would be pleased to assist.  


Participants must bring his or her own sleeping bag and apparel appropriate for hiking, including rain gear.

Event’s Daily Itinerary

IMPORTANT: The event itinerary may change at any time due to inclement weather and other circumstances beyond our control.

Day 1:

Depart Marble Inn Resorts and rendezvous with helicopter.

Helicopter to Main River location and set up camp.

Fish until evening.

Day 2:

Fish all day.

Day 3:

Fish early morning.

Strike camp and helicopter to Marble Inn Resort.

NOTE: Two full meals will be provided each day, as well as snacks/granola in the morning Breaks for meals will be flexible.

NOTE: A maximum of four rods on the pool at once are permitted by the guiding regulations of Newfoundland and Labrador. This won’t be a problem, because you will need breaks from the action