Our Room Names

We wanted to showcase some of the ties with the history of Newfoundland. Our condo suites have all been named after historical boats from the past.

The Erikson symbolizes our one bed condo. This name comes from Leif Erikson a Norse man who landed in Newfoundland over 1000 years ago and settled at L’Anse aux Meadows. He was such an integral part of history they even made a reproduction of his original ship which is now called the Erikson.

The Resolution was the ship used by Captain James Cook when he landed on the shores of Newfoundland and began to cartograph a map of Newfoundland which would become the guideline for the new world.

The Baccalieu was one of the first ships to be used as a ferry service Newfoundland. This boat was decommissioned in 1969 after 29 years of service. Parts of the original boat are featured in The Cove as a centerpiece for the main counter. The original ships log is hung from the wall with an interpretation making up the wallpaper.

All these ships and people were integral parts of making Newfoundland what it is today, and it is our honor to share what we can.