For solo participants or groups of adults; particularly appealing to families

Paddling Salmon Fishing
Hiking Photography/Sightseeing
OPTIONAL Equipment available upon request
PRICE $150 per session up to 5 days of touring

Trip Highlights

  • Takes the guess work out of planning.
  • Makes the most of your vacation time.
  • Discover the routes less traveled.
  • Get expert advice
  • Eliminate the stress of researching and planning.
  • One flat fee, no hidden fees or commissions paid or charged.

About your Planner

All the planners used by Explore Newfoundland are residence of this province. They have been selected for their guiding skills, their knowledge of the province, and their enthusiasm outdoor pursuits.


For almost 30 years Explore Newfoundland has provided diverse vacation experiences for every kind of traveler. We match Newfoundland’s natural, cultural, and leisure attractions to your holiday aspirations and priorities, while keeping in mind your time, budget, and transportation and the physical and age considerations among your traveling companions.

Our specialties include outdoor adventures and road touring across Newfoundland. Our mission is to make your preferred way of experiencing Newfoundland authentic. Every year we do just that for solo travellers, families and groups of travellers.

Outdoor activities include hiking, coastal and freshwater kayaking and canoeing, salmon angling and related events for those seeking authentic—not to say ‘extreme’—wilderness experiences. Each member of our guiding team is expertly qualified ensuring safety and that every participant’s expectations are fulfilled.


You may prefer a Newfoundland experience from a position of leisure and convenience. One of our guides may take the wheel of our touring van (or of your own vehicle) and offer knowledgeable commentary while visiting national and provincial parks, pre-historic settlement sites, historic villages and attractions, cultural festivals, and iceberg or whale viewing locations.

If self-guiding road trips are your style, we can get you started with greater peace of mind and better likelihood of that authentic experience. For the search for Newfoundland treasure can be it’s own adventure. After all, your journey and the memories you hope to return with will be at the whim of weather and other natural (and unnatural) events. Explore Newfoundland is able to point you to scenery, history, and natural wonders that will stay with you a lifetime. We can advise you on suitable roads and roads to avoid. We know where you might leave your vehicle for best views, swimming or camping; where to overnight and where to eat in accord with your budget and dining preferences. And our island network of partners are ready when you do want a guide for hiking, for iceberg or whale spotting, for kayaking and canoeing, or for fishing, or possibly just to rent or buy the appropriate gear. When your Newfoundland discovery is done (for this time around), we are proud of making possible your holiday’s happiest completion.

Looking ahead to your vacation, you now want a plan, a starting point. Contact Explore Nfld. There’s everything to gain by talking to us, and nothing to lose.

Where would you like to start? Scenic? Natural wonders? Historical landmarks? Cultural events? A bit of this, a bit of that?


What to bring

This is travelers choice but when you get the plan laid out your planner will be able to provide recommendations.

Gear provided

The Plan.


Wherever you decide to start.

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