For avid photographers from beginner to experienced.

TRIP DATES June 17 to 20, 2018
August 26 to 29, 2018
Photography Hiking
Whale Watching Touring

Early Spring Icy Coast & Bergs in (June).
Traditional Coastal Newfoundland Villages
Boat Tour and Shoot in search of Whales.
Bay of Island Evening Boat Tour and Shoot. (August)
Caribou and Fiords – Shoot at Western Brook Pond in Gros Morne
Evening Mountain shoot atop Marble Mountain – The Best of Sunsets

PRICE $1200.00 per person

Trip Highlights

  • Newfoundlands diversity of photo opportunities that the pros yearn for.
  • Diversity of terrain from coast to tundra, from marine settings to wilderness.

• Clarity of light everywhere–over ocean, forest and barrens.

• Absence of urban light pollution–astounding starry skies, the possibility of northern lights, and moonlight that illuminates extraordinary detail over land and ocean.

• Experienced advice from a published photographer specializing in Newfoundland subjects.

Plus all the pleasures that go with a regular Explore NL tour–food, music and dance, and the people.

About your guide

Jacob Dicks is an experienced outdoor photographer who has done assignments for Red Bull Canada and Guides D’aventures. He documents all tours for Explore Newfoundland.


Jacob’s expertise is with both the camera and photo editing applications. He cut his photographer’s teeth in every season of the Newfoundland outdoors, shooting from kayak and Kodiaks, from ATVs and snow-machines, from inside hunting blinds and caves, from helicopters and underwater. For Jacob being familiar with the traits of wilderness light and the traits and habits of local fauna are as important as knowing your gear and technical skill.
  • Experienced photographer: Red Bull Canada; Guides D’aventures; and photographer for Explore Newfoundland.
  • Subject diversity: from wildlife and landscape to street photography and portraiture.
  • Knowledge and skill: photographic method and practice behind the lens and in photo editing and post production.



This event is about photographing the natural world, about photographic fun and maybe even photographic fulfillment. And in the process, you discover a world unique among all your shooting adventures.


Newfoundland’s diverse coastal and interior scenery is made more various by seasons and weather, by time of day and play of light. In bays and coves and deep into the interior, its wildlife is surprisingly accessible for a knowledgeable guide. And the likelihood of capturing that masterpiece moment is greatly increased.
Whales, seal and spawning capelin; or caribou, black bear and foraging moose; or bald eagles, harlequin ducks, and diving gannets; or landlocked fjords, caves and sea stacks; or a pond ablaze with bullhead lilies, a bog replete with pitcher plants blooming—each subject is its own challenge for the photographer, depending on light, weather, movement, and distance.
And then, the old and ghost villages found along the islands coasts, many now inaccessible. Tumble-down houses and barns, toppled wharfs and stages, overgrown gardens and graveyards—the detritus of the island’s not so distant history. How to evoke that testament of lives lived and towns abandoned.
There’s more than enough here to engage your photographer instincts and challenge your skills. With Jacob your guide and fellow photo enthusiasts with whom to share ideas, there is bound to be a few trophy shots to take home.


What to bring

Participants must bring his or her own camera and accessories, as well as apparel, including rain gear, and boots suitable for variable terrain.

You are advised to have waterproof/resistant hiking boots with good ankle sidewalls and support to prevent abrasions. Low ankle sidewalls should be avoided.


All events/tours start at Marble Inn Resort in Steady Brook. Explore NL is affiliated with Marble Inn Resort. However, our participants are free to make pre-tour/post-tour accommodation and travel arrangement as they choose. If you need assistance with ground transportation or accommodations, we would be pleased to assist.

What You Should Know and Must Know

For the avid photographer who knows his camera and accessories, who sees the potential for trophy photos in Newfoundland’s unique scenic and natural environment, who wishes to learn from and share his or her skills with fellow photographers with kindred ambitions. Or solo!
The options are the kicker!
• From coastal settings and fjords with icebergs, whales and waterfalls;
• to wilderness terrain of countless lakes and streams, the domains of moose, caribou and birds of prey;
• to historical settings where the evidence of hardship, resourcefulness and endurance mark the abandoned villages and the landscape, and the shoreline.
Whichever terrain and subject you choose…it’s all in the light! The light at dawn, midday and dusk—and even in the nighttime.

IMPORTANT: This advance itinerary is organized based on desirable and distinctive photo targets. Closer to the actual event, seasonal weather and local reports of target occurrences will determine a final day-by-day itinerary.

All Participant are asked to meet at Marble Inn Resort 8:30 am. On the first day of the Tour.


Target 1

  • North America’s first summer solstice sunset will be the focus for a time-lapse photography session. Evening Session.
  • Meals: Continental Breakfast; Travelling Lunch; Deck Supper at Marble Inn Resort

Target 2

  • Gros Morne Landscape and unique Villages.
  • Meals: Continental Breakfast; Travelling Lunch; Local Fare, local Restaurant.

Target 3

  • Land and Sea. Coastal Newfoundland photographed from land and sea is a full event that takes place on the Bay Verte Peninsula. Among the photo subjects/settings are abandoned ‘ghost villages’, victims of resettlement directives and the departure of their aging population. The deteriorating and fallen structures are reminders of the resourcefulness and independent character of their former inhabitants.
  • Meals: Continental Breakfast; Wilderness lunch; Supper, at Madison’s Restaurant, Marble Inn Resort.

Target 4

  • Hike and Shoot is a full day event of wilderness trekking. Showcasing the backcountry wilderness of Western Newfoundland.
  • Meals: Continental Breakfast; Wilderness lunch.

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